“The first purchase I made when arriving at Orchid Island were two R52-11 Tru Turf rollers. Tru Turf rollers are the golf industry standard for speed rollers that maintain the highest level of putting green quality where speed and a true ball roll is balanced with overall turf health and quality. These rollers are an integral part of our greens management program and are used almost daily during our peak season to meet our member’s expectations.”

Matthew A. Boyd GCS
Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club, Orchid, FL

“To provide the best possible putting surfaces for Otter Creek Golf Course, we demonstrated every roller on the market. We put them through the paces in every possible condition under every circumstance I could think of we would ever roll in, and every single time the Tru-Turf R50-11 stood out amongst the group of rollers. It was faster, less stressful, and provided the fastest and smoothest surfaces of anything I used. Since we purchased two of them, I have been nothing but thrilled with their performance and so have the patrons of Otter Creek Golf Course. Besides the roller performance, the spiker attachment on this roller is second to none. It provides a clean set of actual small holes, which I believe has been vital to our green’s performance during the extremely stressful Spring/Summer of 2018. The air flow and gas exchange we have achieved with this attachment has been truly outstanding. I look forward to the outstanding performance of our greens going forward with the use of our Tru-Turf roller. “

Brent Downs
Golf Course Superintendent
Otter Creek Golf Course, Columbus, Indiana

“For the last 18 years I’ve been using Tru-Turf rollers at Royal Wellington Golf Course and Hutt Golf Club now Boulcotts Farm previously, they assist with providing a smooth true greens surface adding approx. 30 cm to the Stimp measure. The results have been consistent for all these years and I am happy to endorse Tru-Turf rollers for any facility.”

John Spraggs
Director of Agronomy
Royal Wellington Golf Club, Wellington, NZ

“I chose Tru-Turf over other brands because speed of operation allows you to stay well ahead of play no matter what type event we are hosting. It also gives us the smoothest playing surface possible and keeps more consistent greens speeds throughout the day.”

Mark Mitchell
Secession Golf Club in Beaufort, SC

“Our Tru-Turf roller provides for a quick and efficient way to keep up with our greens rolling from day to day, but even more importantly during the John Deere Classic.”

Alex Stuedemann
Director of Golf Course Maintenance
TPC at Deere Run

“6 years ago Millbrook Golf Resort made the change to Tru-Turf R52-ELTac electric rollers primarily to alleviate the issue we had with noise around the Resort. The added benefit has been smoother surfaces and more consistent green speeds. They are great to operate and easy to maintain.”

James O’Malley
Golf Course Superintendent
Millbrook Resort, Arrowtown, NZ

“I quizzed all the boys today that have been using the roller and I had nothing but positive feedback. Fast, powerful, good traction, easy to use and minimal sand/grass debris left on the greens surface. This is excellent.”

Phil Soegaard
Golf Course Superintendent
Lakelands Golf Club, Gold Coast, Australia