RB48 Golf Greens Roller


Rolling Swath


Ground Pressure

2 x 24” (600mm)

Smoothing Heads


    • 48” swath in a single pass
    • Patented off-set smoothing rollers
    • Light and easy to control
    • Honda 6.5hp engine
    • Overlapping smoothing heads
    • Built-in trailer system
  • RB48

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    Greens rolling is fun!

    You get to experience that on the Tru-Turf RB48. The machine is superbly balanced. Steering is light and easy, for smooth operation on the most challenging of greens. A low centre of gravity ensures roller stability and operator safety.

    The RB48 golf greens roller delivers an unrivaled combination of advantages in an affordable package when it comes to your turf management. Its dual rolling heads are equipped with Tru-Turf’s patented offset rollers for perfectly even, crease-free smoothing and superior contour-following ability.

    Walter Harman, a Founding Member of Columbia Country Club, once shared a pearl of wisdom that resonates with all those who strive for greens perfection:

    “I cannot conceive how a perfect putting surface can be developed or maintained without rolling.”


    Engine - TypeHonda – Gasoline
    Net Power6.5 hp (4.85 kW)
    Engine - Lighting coilsYES
    Transmission - ManufacturerEaton
    Transmission - TypeHydrostatic 11
    Oil Capacity - Type1.05qts (1L) + Filter
    Oil Capacity - Transmission6qts (6.84L) + Filter
    Cooling8 blade hydro transmission cooling fan
    Drive Train1/2” duplex chain, self adjusting ISO 08B2
    Driver RollerRubber coated, non stick
    Direction ControlFoot pedals
    Speed ControlFoot pedals
    Operating Speed0 – 9 mph (0 – 15 km/h)
    SteeringJoystick - Light load, directly connected to smoothing heads
    VibrationReduced through engine isolation mounts
    SeatPremium UV protected, with adjustable arm rests
    TrailerIntegrated, heavy duty. Quick & easy transition from transport to rolling position
    Ground Pressure3.5 psi (24 kPa) 3
    Smoothing Heads2 x 24” (600mm)
    Rolling Width48” (1200mm)
    Weight - Operating707lb. (321kg)
    Tires - Trailer16 x 6.50 x 8 Turf tire
    Slicer - Spring SteelOptional
    Start StopSwitch & recoil
    Brake - ParkHandbrake, drum style
    Brake - RollerHand & drum
    Ops Safety SwitchSeat activated
    Optional EquipmentLED Working Lights, Slitter, Brush & Spiker
    Warranty2 years - Limited manufacturers warranty