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Shaping Excellence, Nurturing Ecosystems : At Tru-Turf, we stand as specialists in a single pursuit: rolling. Yet, we embody a purpose that extends far beyond. We’re not just experts; we’re stewards of people, champions of innovation, and proponents of environmental harmony.

Welcome to the world of Tru-Turf – a realm where every roll signifies not only perfection in execution but also our profound responsibility as custodians supporting the work of agronomists worldwide.

Inscribed with the essence of Rolling Perfection and dedicated to the nurturing of ecosystems, Tru-Turf isn’t merely a name; it’s a pledge to elevate turf care while safeguarding the intricate balance that sustains our world.

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Official licensed
product of the PGA Tour

Tru-Turf’s industry leading greens rollers are efficient, reliable and  produce quality results for users all around the world. Because of this superiority, the world’s premier professional golf tour, the PGA TOUR choose to use Tru-Turf greens rollers.

Tru-Turf is proud to be an Official Licensed product of the PGA TOUR.


Latest News

Latest News
Latest News
Latest News
Unveiling the ‘Lightweight Turf Rolling’ Time Capsule

The origins of rolling can be traced back to a time when the very concept of golf course maintenance was in its infancy. In the 1700s, mechanical smoothing through rolling was one of the earliest cultural practices, predating even mowing. Initially, heavy manually pushed rollers, hand-carved from stone, were used. It wasn't until the mid-1880s that lightweight, manually pushed wooden rollers found their way onto putting greens.

The Art of Rolling: Unveiling the Green's Symphony

Beyond the lush greens and dazzling fairways of golf tournaments lies a realm of dedication and expertise that can’t be praised enough – the world of agronomy teams. These heroes are the custodians of the golf course, the silent architects behind the scenes, ensuring that the stage for the world's most prestigious tournaments is nothing short of perfection.

#ThankASuper Day and #ThankaGreenKeeper Day and Beyond...

At Tru-Turf, our commitment to a human-centric approach goes hand in hand with our dedication to golf course superintendents and their agronomy teams. Let's explore more ways we can express our gratitude and support their remarkable work.