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The future of rolling is electric. The future of rolling is Tru-Turf.

The re-engineered RE50 is powered by the reliable Trojan Battery’s GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery which charges in less than four hours, lasts longer, and requires virtually no maintenance.

There is simply no other machine that has such a unique combination of performance and quietness. The only electric roller in the market to deliver 27 greens with power to spare on a single charge and it does so with whisper-quiet operation.

Its sustainable design ensures minimal environmental impact while maintaining pristine turf conditions.

RE50 is an ultimate solution for the golf course, the greenkeeper, the environment, the golfer and last but not the least – golf.

We are the Pioneers of Lightweight Rolling.

Building on our long history of industry leading design and innovation, Tru-Turf has incorporated more world firsts, making the industry leading roller even better!

Tru-Turf rollers maintain the highest level of putting green quality where speed and a true ball roll is balanced with overall turf health and quality.

At Tru-Turf, we don’t just maintain the green; we enhance every golfer’s game. Because when the greens play better, the game feels better, and player satisfaction significantly increases.

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35+ years of Sustainable Rolling Perfection from Tru-Turf

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Sustainable Technology

The launch of the RB70 by Tru-Turf got my interest due to its potential increased productivity. I quickly understood the width benefits but was a little nervous about the rollers’ ability to contour-follow as our greens are highly undulating but my concerns were totally unfounded as the RB70 is amazing on the ground and is a delight to use.

The productivity gains seen are awesome, we have a few 1000cm3 greens and the guys can roll these in a matter of minutes were as when we used the RB48 it seemed to take hours to iron these greens. I love the RB70.

John Spraggs, Director of Agronomy
Royal Wellington Golf Club, NZ


Our Patents

At the heart of our mission are our groundbreaking patents that reflect our commitment to solving real-world challenges through thoughtful, innovative design.

The Roller Assembly is our most important patent and it is engineered to solve a common expectation in turfgrass maintenance: achieving uniform turf smoothness and trueness through precise spacing between the adjacent rollers.

From the below diagram, you will see that Smoothing Roller work progressively to smooth away imperfections such as bumps, imperfections, corrugations, footprints and tyre marks that are left on the turf.

Learn MoreTru-Turf patent rollers image

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