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About Tru-Turf Greens Rollers

Tru-Turf's patented rollers are designed to smooth and compact putting greens, lawn bowls greens and sports surfaces dramatically enhancing their playability and appearance.

Essential Turf Maintenance

Greens rollers are essential turf maintenance machines used in the upkeep of golf courses, sports fields, and other finely manicured grass surfaces.

Typically powered by gasoline or electric engines, green rollers feature a cylindrical drum covered in a variety of materials such as metal or rubber, which exerts even pressure on the turf.

Uniform, flat surface

The primary purpose of greens rollers is to promote a uniform and firm playing surface by minimizing unevenness, indentations, and footprints on the greens.

This ensures a consistent ball roll and a more enjoyable experience for golfers.

Additionally, green rollers contribute to turf health by stimulating root growth and aiding in the prevention of thatch buildup.

Advanced Features

Modern greens rollers often come equipped with advanced features such as adjustable roller weights, precision controls, and user-friendly interfaces, allowing groundskeepers to customize their maintenance approach.

Regular use of greens rollers is a crucial aspect of turf management, supporting the overall health and performance of the grass on sports surfaces, particularly in the highly regulated and demanding realm of golf course maintenance.

With the Head Office in Gold Coast, Australia, a warehouse located in North Carolina, USA, and a strong dealer network in many locations around the world, Tru-Turf has a strong footprint and is there and ready to assist with any inquiries you may have.