BRUMBY : Heavy-Duty Roller

designed to maintain greens, approaches, tees, and fairways

Introducing the Brumby, our newest innovation in turf rolling technology.

Inspired by the robust Australian wild horse, the Brumby is a heavy-duty roller designed to maintain greens, approaches, tees, and fairways with unparalleled precision.

The Brumby features our patented offset smoothing rollers, which ensures a flawless turf finish. The Brumby boasts a tri-drive system with six driven rollers across three rolling heads (9 rollers in total) that provides a wide 70-inch swath for efficient coverage.

Powered by a 9.4 hp Honda engine, the Brumby ensures both performance and turf-friendly operation, backed by a 2-year warranty, making it an essential tool for modern greenkeeping.

Advanced features include an electrical actuator for seamless trailer wheel adjustment and articulated steering for precision. Tru-Turf now with the Connect Assist™ feature simplifies trailer attachments, enhancing efficiency and operator safety.

Our Single Drive Roller option, comprising one drive roller in each head, provides a simplified rolling option for users.

Compatible with the single roller setup, our Brush Option is ideal for delicate turf tasks like removing dew brushing in sand after a topdress, providing a gentle yet effective touch to maintain the quality of greens.

While our other products are lightweight rollers, the Brumby stands out with its strength and versatility for your all-round golf course maintenance. Contact us for a demo or more information.



Engine - Type Honda - Gasoline
Engine - Power 9.4 hp, (7 kW)
Transmission 3X Hydraulic motors
Drive Train Three high-torque hydraulic motors with tooth belt drive to rollers
Drive Roller 3X rollers, (1 per cassette)
Direction and Speed Separate foot pedals, (left and right direction).
Operating Speed 0-9 mph (0-15 kph)
Steering Direct power steering
Seat Premium UV protected, with adjustable arm rests and OPS Safety Switch
Trailer Integrated, heavy duty. Quick and easy transition from transport to rolling position.
Drawbar Ball hitch – standard
Ground Pressure (footprint) 3.7 psi (25.5 kPa)
Smoothing Heads Triple rolling heads, with overlapping patented offset rollers.
Rolling Width (swath) 70”, (1778 mm)
Weight – Operating 1490 lb (675 kg)
Roller Cleaners Independent adjustable nodules
Brake - Park Automatic
Lighting 4 x LED
Warranty 2 years - Limited manufacturer’s warranty




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