• Do I need to replace my transmission if the output shaft or input shaft is cracked, broken or worn?

    The transmission is filled with Penrite Synthetic 5 SAE 5W – 60 Oil. This oil can be substituted by Mobil 1, 5W – 50 (for Cold climates) or Mobil 1, 15W – 50 (for Hot climates) use only these oils unless instructed otherwise for correct servicing, draining & refilling procedures please read the instructions in the manual supplied.

    NOTE: Never allow contaminants to enter the transmission.

  • Where can I get the correct part number for the part I want to order?

    Your drive roller is spinning on takeoff because of the motor is run at excessively high RPM, suggest 2/3 – ¾ of full throttle or you are depressing the foot pedal too quickly, (it’s like dropping the clutch pedal on a car and smoking up the tyres) depress the pedal gently in the direction that you want to go, get moving at least 24” (600mm) than depress the pedal to increase roller speed, be patient.

  • Why are my tyres wearing on my trailer arms?

    This will occur when low tyre pressure are apparent; always keep the correct tyre pressure in your tyres.

  • Why is there excessive noise from underneath my machine?

    This could be bearing wear from inside the smoothing or drive rollers, bearing wear in the housings that mounts the heads to the “T” frame or the “T” frame to the body, drive chain being to loose and not firm going around the sprockets or the drive belt on the ELTac machine not being tight and ratcheting/slipping on the sprockets.

  • Why is my ELTac or dc battery powered roller not rolling the full 18 greens?

    This could be a battery issue, checking the batteries may require a high rate discharge check to determine if there is a faulty cell. Maintaining them is most important i.e. Water Levels, clean and tight terminals, tight nuts on battery leads, no loose wires, no damaged wires, battery charger is not working  properly, ensure your machine is fully charged before leaving the workshop.

    Could be that the operator is overlapping excessively, rolling too far off the greens surface up and down the sides of the greens or not switching off the ignition when towing the roller between greens.

  • Why is my foot pedal sticking or hard to depress in any direction?

    Could be that slides on the transmission yoke are sticky with dust, dirt, mud and grass which will stop the slides moving freely, this area has to be free, lubricated and clear of all the material to be able to slide freely.

  • Why is my Honda engine running rough?

    Could be that there is dirty or old fuel/gasoline in the fuel tank or it may require a service.

  • Why is my machine lacking power?

    It might be that there is not enough oil in the hydraulic tank (check sight gauge) or you have dirty oil and needs to be changed. The adjustment on the foot pedal to yoke adjustment has altered.

  • Why is my hydraulic oil very dark?

    It is because it is old and should be changed, it should be a golden honey colour and clean.

  • Why does my drive chain not fit?

    It could be that the sprockets are incorrect, the old R9002 and R9003 (ISO) sprocket is a different pitch if trying to fit this to the R5137 or E7050 which is an (ANSI) pitch, the chain will not fit properly, it may be over tight or loose and will not fit correctly into the sprocket pitch and will cause rapid sprocket and chain wear.

  • Who deals with my warranty claim?

    Warranty claims are initially handled by your dealer than are passed onto our expert team here in Head Office, Australia

  • Where can I get my rollers serviced?

    Through your local dealer.

    Tru-Turf Equipment has produced a simple machine that is extremely efficient, cost effective and easy to maintain. All engine, transmission and other components are available to you throughout a network of worldwide distributors and agents.

  • Our greens are heavily sloped, is that a problem?

    Maximum traction in our machines is acquired via a high quality rubber-coated drive roller vulcanised to a steel tube, cylindrically machined for trueness and grip. This drive roller configuration, combined with a low centre of gravity, provides additional traction on sloping greens.

    CAUTION: Always position the drive roller on the low side of the machine to ascend a slope; i.e. small rollers going forward.

  • Are the rollers heavy?

    By design, Tru-Turf Rollers are both lighter in weight and ground pressure than other machines. Heavy machines compact the soil. We realise that the three main elements required to compact soil are – 1) water, 2) vibration and 3) weight. It’s a constant battle to eliminate soil compaction.

    We recommend incorporating lightweight rolling, deep spiking, drilling, coring and top dressing to assist in relieving this problem.

    Our technology has produced a greens roller with a lighter PSI (pounds per square inch) on the turf, than any other greens roller produced or a person walking across the green.

  • Are the rollers easy to transport?

    The Tru-Turf trailer system is standard equipment and integral with the machine. This system is quick and easy to use by any operator and saves valuable time when moving from green to green.

  • Do the rollers leave crease lines?

    At Tru-Turf, we have proudly produced a machine that almost completely eliminates the problems associated with other styles of rollers. We have a wider roll – 48″ with 2×24″(600mm) dual short surface rollers – which prevents line creasing on the green no matter which direction the green is rolled.

    The short surface rollers swivel and pivot in all directions, allowing the drive roller and smoothing rollers to be in contact with the turf surface at all times.

  • I need a new part. Who do I contact to ensure it is right?

    The best way to ensure you get the right part for your roller is to contact your local dealer  (find your local dealer here) (insert link) and they will be able to assist. Alternatively, contact spareparts@truturf.com and they will be able to assist or point you in the direction of your local dealer.

  • I’m having issues with my roller. Who can I discuss my concerns with?

    For you to get the right advice, contact the Tru-Turf Technical Support team at technicalsupport@truturf.com. To ensure you receive the right advice, make sure you have your model and serial number as part of your enquiry.

  • I have questions regarding which roller may be best suited to my course. Where can I direct them?

    For you to get the right advice, contact the Tru-Turf Technical Support team at technicalsupport@truturf.com. To ensure you receive the right advice, make sure you have your model and serial number as part of your enquiry.

  • I have questions regarding which roller may be best suited to my course. Where can I direct them?

    The Sales and Technical Support staff are available to discuss your needs and what machine is best suited to your needs. To discuss your options, feel free to contact: TechnicalSupport@truturf.com or Sales@truturf.com

    Alternatively, your local dealer can assist. Click here to locate your nearest dealer.

  • I’m interested in a demo. Who do I contact?

    When looking to demo a roller you should contact your local dealer and discuss what the best option is for you. To locate your nearest dealer, click here. If you want to discuss your options directly with Tru-Turf, email sales@truturf.com and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist.

  • How will my Tru-Turf roller be delivered?

    Your local dealer will receive your Tru-Turf greens roller and assemble it for you. Essentially, your roller will be delivered and will be ready for use.