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Shaping Excellence, Nurturing Ecosystems : At Tru-Turf, we stand as specialists in a single pursuit: rolling. Yet, we embody a purpose that extends far beyond. We’re not just experts; we’re stewards of people, champions of innovation, and proponents of environmental harmony.

Welcome to the world of Tru-Turf – a realm where every roll signifies not only perfection in execution but also our profound responsibility as custodians supporting the work of agronomists worldwide.

Inscribed with the essence of Rolling Perfection and dedicated to the nurturing of ecosystems, Tru-Turf isn’t merely a name; it’s a pledge to elevate turf care while safeguarding the intricate balance that sustains our world.

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Official licensed
product of the PGA Tour

Tru-Turf’s industry leading greens rollers are efficient, reliable and  produce quality results for users all around the world. Because of this superiority, the world’s premier professional golf tour, the PGA TOUR choose to use Tru-Turf greens rollers.

Tru-Turf is proud to be an Official Licensed product of the PGA TOUR.


Latest News

Latest News
Latest News
Latest News
Dream come Tru…

Daniel Thomson was appointed the new operations manager for Tru-Turf in the UK and Europe earlier this year. Here, he speaks to Pamela Osborn from The Greenkeeping magazine about Tru-Turf’s lightweight rollers, its new heavier roller The Brumby and how rolling can save golf clubs money.

Meet the Brumby: Tru-Turf's Revolution in Turf Care

Tru-Turf, renowned for its innovation in golf course maintenance, introduces the Brumby, a ground-breaking roller specifically designed for the meticulous care of golf courses and sports turf venues. Drawing inspiration from the rugged and resilient Australian wild horse, the Brumby is a testament to versatility and durability in heavy-duty turf maintenance.

Overcoming Greenkeeper Staff Shortages

The industry’s struggle with staff shortages isn’t just a statistic; it’s a reality that affects the quality of golf courses and the well-being of the maintenance teams. Leaders like Jim Croxton of the BIGGA and Tom Brooke of the GCMA have brought to light the crucial need for support in this sector. They speak of a workforce contemplating a shift away from the greens, a sign that calls for immediate and thoughtful action.