Overcoming Greenkeeper Staff Shortages

Tru-Turf rollers for golf course

How Tru- Turf’s Innovative Solutions Are Saving Golf Clubs.

In the dynamic world of golf course maintenance, the challenge of staff shortages has brought a renewed focus on practical and helpful solutions. The industry’s struggle with staff shortages isn’t just a statistic; it’s a reality that affects the quality of golf courses and the well-being of the maintenance teams. Leaders like Jim Croxton of the BIGGA and Tom Brooke of the GCMA have brought to light the crucial need for support in this sector. They speak of a workforce contemplating a shift away from the greens, a sign that calls for immediate and thoughtful action.

In response to this, we at Tru-Turf have taken a proactive approach. When the call came for a larger, more efficient roller to aid overburdened staff, we introduced the RB70. Its design was about understanding the daily challenges faced by greenkeepers. John Spraggs, the superintendent from Royal Wellington Golf Club narrates his journey in his recent testimonial. The RB70 not only improved their rolling time, reducing 2 hectares of greens maintenance to just 3 hours with two machines but also saved them about 14.12% in costs. This isn’t just about time; it’s about resourceful, cost-effective management in challenging times.


For courses near residential areas especially, noise pollution is a real concern. Recognising this, we developed the RE50, a machine that whispers its way through early mornings and late evenings. The move to electric is also a nod to sustainable golf, offering a greener, low-maintenance alternative that aligns with the evolving needs of modern golf courses. Understanding that versatility is key in times of lean teams, we’ve equipped our machines with additional features like LED lights for low-light conditions, and attachments such as brushes, spikers, and slicers. These are not just add-ons; they are essential tools designed to make the life of a greenkeeper easier and more productive.

Superintendent Dan Rogers at Wykagyl Country Club in New York adopted ‘roll more, mow less’ for fairways, enhancing turf health by keeping the grass longer and smoother. This method met member demands for firmer surfaces and led to benefits like tighter turf, reduced disease, and less mowing—down from five to three days weekly. These changes not only improved playing conditions but also resulted in labor efficiencies and cost savings, demonstrating how a simple adjustment in maintenance can significantly benefit golf course management. This approach aligns with sustainable practices, as observed at courses like Red Ledges, which pioneered the ‘Rolling First‘ concept in Utah, proving the effectiveness of rolling in maintaining excellent green conditions.

Tru-Turf is dedicated to solving real-world challenges in golf course maintenance, beyond machinery. Our range of products, including the RB70, RE50, RC50 and RB48 among other options are a testament to this commitment. We’re excited to welcome our new Operations Manager for UK & Europe, who will be instrumental in supporting our mission. For tailored solutions and assistance, contact Daniel Thomson at +44 7513007823 or [email protected]. We offer more than products; we offer a helping hand in an industry we deeply care about.

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