Sustainable Golf and Rolling Perfection with Trojan Battery


Welcome to the future of golf course and sports turf maintenance, where innovation, efficiency, and silence reign supreme. At Tru-Turf, we are proud to present our groundbreaking RE50 electric roller (above is a RE50 photo taken at Sanctuary Cove Golf Club, Australia), a machine that is redefining what it means to care for greens, turf and your environment. Coupled with the unparalleled power of Trojan‘s GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery, the RE50 is a game-changer in every sense. 

The RE50: A Leap Forward in Turf Care 

The RE50 stands out as the pinnacle of turf rolling technology. It’s the only electric roller in the market capable of delivering 27 greens with power to spare on a single charge—and it does so with whisper-quiet operation. This makes the RE50 the perfect choice for courses that require maintenance in noise-sensitive areas or outside of typical hours. Below is a RE50 photo taken at Indooroopilly Golf Club, Brisbane, Australia by Greenkeeper/Artist Cory Salmond.

Tru-Turf’s electric roller is not just about quiet efficiency; it also boasts ample power and traction, replicating the speed and flawless results of our gas-powered machines. With an extremely low center of gravity for unmatched stability and a built-in trailer system for easy transport, the RE50 ensures that handling and converting from transport mode to operational mode is seamless and user-friendly. 

The Power Behind the Performance: Trojan’s GC2 48V Battery 

 When selecting the best battery to power such an innovative machine, we chose Trojan‘s GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery for its superior performance and reliability. Fully charged in less than four hours, this battery not only charges faster but also lasts longer and requires virtually zero maintenance. With the ability to drive 45-60 miles on a single charge and a life expectancy that can exceed ten years, the Trojan battery is a testament to advanced technology and sustainable practices

Top Benefits of the Trojan GC2 Lithium-Ion Battery

  1. True Drop-In Solution: Fits seamlessly into existing setups without the need for modifications.
  2. Resilience: Even if one battery fails, the others keep the roller running, minimizing downtime.
  3. Superior Discharge Rates: Offers excellent acceleration and power for accessories.
  4. Optimal Weight Distribution: Can be adjusted to balance the weight evenly across the vehicle.
  5. Enhanced Heat Dissipation: Designed to keep each cell cool for better performance and longevity.
  6. Ease of Installation: Lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for simple self-installation.

 Why Tru-Turf and Trojan Battery Lead the Way 

Choosing the Trojan GC2 48V Battery for our RE50 roller aligns with our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Our customers have embraced the silent, efficient performance of the RE50, appreciating its role in maintaining pristine turf with minimal environmental impact. 

As the greenkeeping world evolves, so does the technology we use. Tru-Turf, in partnership with Trojan , continues to lead the charge, ensuring that golf courses not only meet the current standards but set new benchmarks for excellence in turf care. 

Explore the RE50 and Its Revolutionary Power  

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about the RE50 electric roller and see it in action. Discover how our partnership with Trojan is setting new standards in the industry and why our solutions are the preferred choice for golf course superintendents and greenskeepers worldwide. 

 At Tru-Turf, we’re not just rolling greens; we’re driving innovation forward. Join us in embracing the future of turf maintenance today.