Meet the Brumby: Tru-Turf’s Revolution in Turf Care

Tru-Turf, renowned for its innovation in golf course maintenance, introduces the Brumby (picture below), a ground-breaking roller specifically designed for the meticulous care of golf courses and sports turf venues. Drawing inspiration from the rugged and resilient Australian wild horse, the Brumby is a testament to versatility and durability in heavy-duty turf maintenance.

Brumby, a ground-breaking roller. Tru-Turf's Revolution in Turf Careheavy-duty turf maintenance.

At the heart of the Brumby’s design is Tru-Turf’s patented offset smoothing rollers. This unique technology sets the Brumby apart, enabling it to deliver an exceptionally smooth and even finish across varied golf course terrains and sports turf surfaces. Whether it’s rolling greens, approaches, tees, or fairways, the Brumby’s three smoothing heads, each with two drive rollers, ensure a comprehensive and efficient coverage. Additionally, the Brumby is well suited to providing stadiums and sports turf venues with a machine that will improve roll and uniformity of bounce on sports fields.Furthermore, the Brumby offers the option of equipping single roller drums on each of the three heads, all featuring multiple drives, thereby enhancing traction and providing a more flexible approach to turf management.

Operational excellence is at the forefront of the Brumby’s design :

  • Electrical actuators seamlessly raiseand lower the integrated trailer wheels, facilitating easy transitions and superior mobility.
  • Articulated steering further ensures precise control and manoeuvrability, allowing the Brumby to navigate diverse landscapes with ease.
  • Tru-Turf now with Connect Assist, (gif below) a drawbar coupling feature for operator safety and convenience in golf course maintenance.
Tru-Turf now with Connect Assist, a drawbar coupling feature for operator safety and convenience in golf course maintenance

Connect Assist, featured on Tru-Turf’s Brumby roller, is a streamlined mechanism that simplifies the process of attaching and detaching the roller to the tow vehicle. Integrated into the drawbar, it allows operators to connect the roller quickly and effortlessly with minimal manual effort. This is achieved through an intuitive interface and design, which reduces the physical exertion and complexity traditionally associated with trailer connections, thereby enhancing efficiency and safety in golf course maintenance operations.

The Brumby (picture below) is not just about power and performance; it’s also designed with the operator in mind. A robust 12hp Honda gasoline engine guarantees consistent, reliable power. The innovative drivetrain employs three hydraulic motors, ensuring effective power transmission to each roller. Separate foot pedals for directional control offer intuitive handling, while the premium UV-protected seat with adjustable armrests and an OPS safety switch ensures operator comfort and safety.

Brumby, a ground-breaking roller. Tru-Turf's Revolution in Turf Care. heavy-duty turf maintenance.

Maintenance and safety are also key aspects of the Brumby. Independent adjustable nodules for roller cleaners simplify upkeep, while features like the hydraulic park brake and LED lighting enhance operational safety in variable conditions.

Tru-Turf’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the Brumby, which comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. This assurance, coupled with optional attachments like a brush compatible with the single roller setup, makes the Brumby a versatile and reliable choice for golf course maintenance professionals seeking the best in turf care technology.

In summary, Tru-Turf’s Brumby is more than just a roller; it’s a symbol of innovation, efficiency, and reliability in golf course maintenance, backed by the expertise and pioneering spirit of Tru-Turf.