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Tru-Turf electric roller being used early morning for golf course maintenance
Sustainable Golf and Rolling Perfection with Trojan Battery

At Tru-Turf, we are proud to present our groundbreaking RE50 electric roller, a machine that is redefining what it means to care for greens, turf and your environment. Coupled with the unparalleled power of Trojan's GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery, the RE50 is a game-changer in every sense.

Dream come Tru…

Daniel Thomson was appointed the new operations manager for Tru-Turf in the UK and Europe earlier this year. Here, he speaks to Pamela Osborn from The Greenkeeping magazine about Tru-Turf’s lightweight rollers, its new heavier roller The Brumby and how rolling can save golf clubs money.

logo of Brumby - heavy-duty golf roller
Meet the Brumby: Tru-Turf's Revolution in Turf Care

Tru-Turf, renowned for its innovation in golf course maintenance, introduces the Brumby, a ground-breaking roller specifically designed for the meticulous care of golf courses and sports turf venues. Drawing inspiration from the rugged and resilient Australian wild horse, the Brumby is a testament to versatility and durability in heavy-duty turf maintenance.

Tru-Turf rollers for golf course
Overcoming Greenkeeper Staff Shortages

The industry’s struggle with staff shortages isn’t just a statistic; it’s a reality that affects the quality of golf courses and the well-being of the maintenance teams. Leaders like Jim Croxton of the BIGGA and Tom Brooke of the GCMA have brought to light the crucial need for support in this sector. They speak of a workforce contemplating a shift away from the greens, a sign that calls for immediate and thoughtful action.

Unveiling the ‘Lightweight Turf Rolling’ Time Capsule

The origins of rolling can be traced back to a time when the very concept of golf course maintenance was in its infancy. In the 1700s, mechanical smoothing through rolling was one of the earliest cultural practices, predating even mowing. Initially, heavy manually pushed rollers, hand-carved from stone, were used. It wasn't until the mid-1880s that lightweight, manually pushed wooden rollers found their way onto putting greens.

The Art of Rolling: Unveiling the Green's Symphony

Beyond the lush greens and dazzling fairways of golf tournaments lies a realm of dedication and expertise that can’t be praised enough – the world of agronomy teams. These heroes are the custodians of the golf course, the silent architects behind the scenes, ensuring that the stage for the world's most prestigious tournaments is nothing short of perfection.

superintendent and greenskeeper doing turf maintenance in a golf course
Celebrating Our Golf Course Guardians

At Tru-Turf, our commitment to a human-centric approach goes hand in hand with our dedication to golf course superintendents and their agronomy teams. Let's explore more ways we can express our gratitude and support their remarkable work.