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SR72 Roll 'n' Spike tow behind sports field/ golf greens roller

The SR72 Golf & Sports Turf Roller has a 76" (1900mm) rolling width. Attached to a tractor for towing, it utilizes the 3PL (three point linkage) system (cat 2 or 3) to raise, lower and transport.

The SR72 Golf & Sports Turf "Roll n Spike" Roller is designed to true golf and sports turf surfaces which, in turn, improves turf health, playability and helps to reduce sports related injuries. It also achieves excellent results on newly laid turf.

Tru-Turf's patented triple offset smoothing head roller configuration allows this engineered product to smooth the turf by design, not by weight.

Two operations can be performed simultaneously by engaging the spiker while rolling - "Roll n Spike".

Spiking assists with oxygen and moisture replenishment, resulting in healthier turf. It also helps break surface hardness, assisting the roller in truing the surface more rapidly. Optional bar weights can be added to the SR72 as necessary to suit rolling conditions.

Note: Seek advice from your tractor supplier as to the suitability of your current tractor or with regard to purchasing a tractor that meets or exceeds the requirements of safely lifting, transporting and operating the SR72.

Unit is not speed limited - local conditions control working speed.


Linkage 3 point setup, cat 2 or 3
Smoothing Rollers 3 offset
Roller Diameter 61/2" (165mm)
Spikers 5/32" (4mm) spring steel, set 11/2" (40mm) apart
Spiker Depth 1" (25mm), 11/2" (38mm) or 21/4" (55mm)
Min. Tractor Size Must be suitable to lift roller& additional weights if fitted.
Speed Low or High
Ground pressure Low
Swath 6' 4" (1900mm)
Weight 1650lb. (750kgs)
Options Additional Weights

Rolling Fairways

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