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RB48-11A Golf Greens Roller
Built from the ground up for performance, safety and durability the RB48-11A Golf Greens Roller is Tru-Turf's workhorse. Its dual rolling heads utilizes Tru-Turf's patented offset rollers to roll a 48" (1200mm) swath in a single pass.

Steering is light and easy, providing smooth operation on the most challenging of greens.

The RB48-11A is ideal for those on a tight budget and don't want to compromise on quality.

Tru-Turf's gasoline golf greens rollers have a power-train designed to handle the toughest operating conditions, utilizing a Honda 6.5HP OHV engine with lighting coil, coupled to a heavy duty Eaton 11 Hydrostatic transmission, stainless steel oil reservoir and heavy duty, low oil pressure steel lines.

All Tru-Turf Greens Rollers have a rubber coated, non-stick drive roller, providing the traction needed for the most challenging of course designs.

The patented 2x24" totalling 48" wide tri-roller smoothing heads are fitted with heavy duty smoothing rollers that are double sealed and fitted with quality ball bearings for longer life.

A balanced roller produces an evenly rolled turf surface and it's no coincidence just how well balanced Tru-Turf rollers are. The designed-in low centre of gravity ensures roller stability and operator safety.

The unique and easily operated, built in trailer includes heavy duty axles and trailer arms. When combined with the rugged but lightweight features of Tru-Turf greens rollers, they are ready to take on the world's most demanding courses and competitors. Tru-Turf greens rollers are used extensively on the PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR and Nationwide TOUR events.

Engine - Type
Honda - Gasoline
Engine - Horsepower 6.5 hp (4.85 kW)
Engine - Lighting Coils Yes
Transmission - Manufacturer Eaton
Transmission - Type Hydrostatic 11
Oil Capacity - Engine 1.05qts (1L) + Filter
Oil Capacity - Transmission 6qts (6.84L) + Filter
Cooling 8 blade hydro transmission cooling fan
Drivetrain 1/2" duplex chain, self adjusting ISO 08B2
Drive Roller Rubber coated, non stick.
Direction Control Foot pedals
Speed Control Foot pedals
Operating Speed 0 - 9 mph (0 - 15 km/h)
Steering Joystick - Light load, directly connected to smoothing heads.
Vibration Reduced through engine isolation mounts.
Seat Premium UV protected, with adjustable arm rests.
Trailer Integrated, heavy duty. Quick & easy transition from transport to rolling position.
Ground Pressure (Footprint) 3.5 psi (24 kPa)
Smoothing Heads 2 x 24" (600mm)
Rolling Width 48" (1200mm)
Lights Optional
Weight - Operating 551lb. (250kg)
Tires - Trailer 16 x 6.50 x 8
Slicer - Spring Steel Optional
Start / Stop Switch & recoil
Brake Hand & drum
OPS Safety Switch Seat activated
Optional Equipment Slicer, brush, spiker
Warranty 2 years - Limited manufactures warranty

Hill Climb

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Dew Hill Climb

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Built in Trailer

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